The Common Human Goal
Part#1: The Sustenance Alms Offering Ceremony and Meditation Session with the most Ven.Phrarajbhavanavisudh. Par#2: Interview with Mr.Hendirk De Backer,a participant in the Middleway Meditation Program at Petchkaew Garden Retreat,Chiangmai,Thailand.Part#3: Self Development with Ven. Phra Nicholas Thanissaro on the subject of "What is the real Buddha image like?". Part#4: Enlightened Living; a special scoop on the Miracle of Luang Pu Wat Paknam(Phra Mongkolthepmuni Sod Chandhasaro, the Dhammakaya Meditation Master)by Mr.Thawatchai Pikulkaew, followed by a special clip of the International Dhammakaya Ordination Program and the life-long Ordination of Dr.Pawitai Chaicharoenwan.

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