Meditation is a Tool for a Happy life
Part#1: Meditation Session with Phra Rajbhavanavisudh. Part#2: (the final part of)Interview with Mr. Earl Knudson from U.S.A, a participant at Himmawan Meditation Retreat Garden, Loei, Thailand. Part#3: Self Development with Phra Nicholas Tanissaro; a lecture on the reason why people cultivate Buddhism, why Buddhism is regarded as the future religion and the differences between Buddhism and Humanism. Part#4: Interview with Ms. A-Ngoon Sukcharoen, a niece of Luang Pu Sod Wat Pak Nam on his dedication and commitment for World Peace on DMC program of "Soo-Tor-Pai". Part#5, Special Scoops of " The Ceremony of Presenting 222 Buddha Images to Sri Lanka" and " The Alms Offerings Ceremony" in Nakhon Rajsima province, Thailand.

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