Meditation for All
Part#1: Meditation session with the most Ven.Phrarajbhavanavisudh. Part#2: Interview with Mr. Itai Boeing,a participant in the Middle Way Meditaton Program at Himmawan Retreat,Loei,Thailand. Part#3: Self Development by Ven.Phra Nicholas Tanissaro;a lecture on the Basic of Buddhism, "How is Kung Fu related to Mahayana School of Buddhism(in China)? and the differences between Theravada and Mahayana Schools of Buddhism. Part#4: Enlightened Living; The Biography of Phra Mongkolthepmuni(Luang Pu Sod Wat Paknambhasichareon). Part#5: special scoops on, "The Crystal Sphere of Master Nun Chandra Koon-Nok-Yoong presented to Mongolia" and the ceremony of presenting the Dhammakaya Buddha image to Mongolia,including the lighting lanturns to pay homage to the Lord Buddha in Mongolia for the first time.

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