The Peace Position
Part#1: Self Development with Ven. Phra Nicholas Tanissaro; a lecture on the Spiritual Aim in Life(part 2). In Buddhist Culture, we will have a closer look at the final chapter in the life of human; how Buddhists deal with the loss of their loved ones and how they prepare themselves and their loved ones on the final days of their lives. Part#3: Meditation Session for beginners with Ven. Somsak Piyaseelo. Part#4: Interview with Mrs. Christina Madrid, a participant in the Middleway Meditation Program and one of the supportors and organizers of Dhammakaya Azuza Meditation Center, U.S.A.

เผยแพร่เมื่อ June 25, 2008 6,180 Views 339 ครั้ง

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