Discipline in Buddhism
Part#1:The Way Buddhists regard Discipline- Artificial Morality and Natural Morality. Artificial Morality are human-made Rules ,Regulations and Law, whereas Natural Morality is the Law of Karma. Part#2: The World Morality Revival Program joined by Virtuous Stars(V-Stars), virtuous school kids and youngsters, and V-Guides, adult volunteers looking after the V-Stars during the program, in the V-Star Challenge Program and The Buddhist Culture Contest in Vesak Day 2008 at Wat Phra Dhammakaya. Under the program, three movies are introduced to the participants, Tong Lon Lang, When Sky changes Colour after Raining and the Powerful light of Faith. The Significance of the Miracle of V-Stars towards World Peace is explained. Part#3:Meditation Session with Ven.Somsak Piyaseelo; We are in the middle of our own horizons. Part#4: Interview with Mr. Kiet The Truong, a participant in the Middleway Meditation Program at Himmawan Retreat. Mr. Kiet is a successful American-Vietnamese investor whose hectic and busy everyday life causes him sleeping problem and an unsettled mind. He joined in this retreat to find the inner peace and ,possilbly, a solution to his sleeping problem.

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