Morality in Buddhism
Part 1 : Buddhist Concept by Ven.Nicholas Tanissaro - "Morality in Buddhism", the Duty of Human Being to Do Good Deeds, Refrain from Unwholesome Deeds and Purify our Mind , Part 2 : Buddhist Culture - "The Spirit House" is a Spiritual Believe, Not a Believe in Buddhism. You will Understand the Meaning of the Components They Put in That House , Part 3 : Meditation Practice by Ven.Somsak Piyaseelo , Part 4 : Interview Participant in "Middleway Meditation" retreat program at Himmavan Meditation Park : Ms. Jane Grace Welfar, a Wonderful Mind Lady from U.K., who Sacrifice her Life by Leaving Everything in her Country and Started her Dedication by Joining the Volunteer Group at the Middle Way Retreat in order to Help Others to Have the Inner Peace which She, Herself, Experiences in

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