Buddhist Concept : The Law of Karma
Buddhist Concept by Ven.Nicholas Tanissaro - "the Law of Karma", the Law of Action and Reaction which is Explained Clearly in Newton’s Physics. Therefore the Strong Intention at Some Point of Time will Bring a Strong Reaction at the Another Point of Time either at Present or in the Future , Buddhist Culture - "Buddhist Peaceful Sleep", How Buddhists Keep Connection to the Lord Buddha by Paying Respect to the Triple Gems before Going to Rest , Meditation Practice by Ven.Somsak Piyaseelo , Interview Participant in "Middleway Meditation" retreat program at Himmavan Meditation Park : Mr. J.H. Khobragade & Venerable Vinaybodhi Mahathero from Mumbai, who has been Teaching Meditation for over 27 Years, will Share with Us his Thoughts on Why He Decided to Join this Dhammakaya Meditation Retreat

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